Enjoying the warm weather is something almost everyone in the Northern US is eager to do once winter passes. However, as spring turns to summer, the bugs come with it, turning a beautiful day into an unpleasant experience. 

And let’s be honest, some of those mid-summer days can get a little too warm when the sun is overhead. You could build a three-season porch or deck, but that’s a lot of money. Plus putting walls and screens around your desk compromises the experience. 

A much better solution would be to install a garage screen. 

What is a Garage Screen? 

A garage screen is a simple device that turns your garage into the perfect three-season spot. Hanging just below your garage door, the garage screen easily slides down, covering the entrance to your garage with a screen that lets the fresh air in and keeps unwanted bugs out. 

Instantly, your garage becomes the best lounging spot in your home. 

It doesn’t interfere with your garage door at all, so it can easily be left in place all year round. Garage screens also feature a slide door in the middle so you can easily enter and exit the garage without having to pull the entire thing up.  

Who are Garage Screens For? 

Garage screens are for anyone who spends time in their garage and wants to enjoy the outdoor air. Whether you’re hosting a party, doing some work, cleaning out your car, lounging around, etc., garage screens are a great addition to add to your home. 

It’s also a great way to air out your garage without leaving the door open. Plus it will motivate you to keep your garage clean! 

Want to Learn more? 

At Springfield Overhead Door, we have garage screens available for virtually every type of garage. Talk to one of our overhead professionals today and learn more about your options. Not only do we sell garage screens, but we can install them as well. 

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