Automatic garage doors are an amazing thing…until they stop working correctly.

If your door starts to open or close, stops, and the returns to it’s previous position, it’s likely you have a photo eyes issue.

What’s a Photo Eye?

Photo eyes (or photoelectric sensors) are the sensors on both sides of your garage door, generally resting at the very bottom. They point at each other, sending an invisible light, making sure that nothing is in the way of the door.

Their functionality is crucial to maintaining a safe garage.

If something breaks the line of site between the photo eyes, a garage door will not close. It’s a good idea from time to time to test the photo eyes and make sure they’re working properly. Simply begin to close the door and then break the space between the sensors.

If the door goes back up, then your photo eyes are fine.

When they don’t react or you’re garage door is displaying other strange behavior, it’s time to take a closer look. Here’s a few things you can check quickly.

Make Sure Nothing is Blocking Them

When it comes to fixing something, you should always start with the most obvious thing. Small objects occasionally are blocking the sensor without you even realizing it. If they’re free and clear, it’s time to move on to the next item.

Check the Lights

Your photo eyes should have a visible light on them somewhere. If this light isn’t on, the device may be damaged or disconnected. Make sure there’s a wire running to it. If it’s still not working, call a professional to inspect it.

Are They Aligned?

Look at both photo eyes and see if either of the them is crooked or bent. They should be pointing directly at each other. If they aren’t connecting with each other, your garage door won’t work properly.  If one is misaligned, you should be able to bend/redirect it back to where it should be.

Clean Them Up

Garages get a little dirty and dusty. If the eyes appear to be on and pointing straight, try cleaning them off. Brush away any cob webs. Get a damp cloth and dust them off the sensors.

Still Not Working?

If you’ve gone through all of the items, and the garage door still won’t work, it’s time to bring in a professional. As we said recently, a garage door isn’t something you should mess around with if you’re untrained. It can lead to serious injury.

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