Warehouses aren’t always the easiest place to control the temperature. They’re large, open, and not particularly well insulated. Also, they tend to have a lot of doors constantly opening. During the warmer months, this may not be a major issue.

During the winter, however, things can get very uncomfortable for warehouse workers.

With January approaching, it’s time to make sure your warehouse stays warm for the workers inside (as well as the materials and equipment you’re storing).

Here are some tips to keep your warehouse comfortable, even in the worst of winters.

Door Control

The primary way cold air enters (and warm air escapes) your warehouse is through doorways, obviously. That’s why door security should be your number 1 priority. Make sure doors are properly sealed and secure so that air isn’t seeping through.

And more importantly, make sure they’re being closed. This applies to side doors, entry doors, and overhead doors.

Now, sometimes you won’t be able to keep doors closed due to traffic frequency or warehouse policy. In that case, you still have a few options.

Plastic strip doors (or plastic door curtains) add a temperature controlling barrier while you leave your doors open. This is a very affordable solution that’s easy to pass and see through, yet effective at keeping cold air out.

Another option is an air curtain. These are fans fixed above your doorway, blowing air down when a door is opened to control airflow. Speaking of airflow…

Improve Airflow

Pumping heat into your warehouse isn’t going to do much if it’s not being spread around. Especially since hot air rises. Having large fans running from the ceiling of your warehouse will promote positive air flow all year round. They’re particularly helpful during the winter, pushing the hot air down and spreading it throughout the warehouse.

Still, you may find some pockets of space that just don’t seem to get warm.

Add Heaters

In instances where a certain section doesn’t seem to heat up no matter what you do, you can try placing a stationary heater. This is something that should be done sparingly. Additional heaters aren’t going to be as efficient as your main HVAC system, especially if they’re electric.

When placing additional heaters, it’s also important to keep safety in mind.

Installing Windows/Skylights

Adding some skylights or windows not only lets in some much-appreciated natural light, but it can also help heat your warehouse naturally during the day. Just make sure they’re thick and efficient.

Insulated Overhead Doors and Entry Doors

Does it seem like a lot of frigid air is getting through your doors, even when they’re closed? If so, we’d recommend switching to insulated doors. These provide vastly superior temperature control over traditional doors.

Whether you need insulated entry doors or overhead doors in Ohio, Springfield Overhead Door can take care of your needs. Contact us today, and keep your warehouse warm this winter.