When you look at the front of someone’s home, your eyes will naturally gravitate to the front door. It is the centerpiece that brings the exterior’s appearance together. It is the final punctuation mark.

But it’s not all about looks. If someone attempts to break into your home, they’re most likely to start with the front door. You need to make sure to choose a quality option.

So how do you go about finding a front door that looks good and keeps your home safe? You’ll have to make a few decisions.


The most common materials for front doors are wood, steel, and fiberglass.

Woods doors have been a popular choice for front doors for some time. They look beautiful, they’re easy to paint, they’re solid, and they come in different varieties such as mahogany, fir, or cherry. Their biggest advantage, however, is probably their customization.

Wood is easier to manipulate, allowing you to achieve a unique, stylized result.

This, however, is also their biggest weakness. Though generally sturdy and resilient, they are the most vulnerable to weather and temperature changes. Overtime, they may warp or crack.

Steel doors provide a higher level of security, while still offering style and color variations. Some steel doors come with a wood veneer that can be stained or painted like a traditional wood door. Steel doors can come insulated as well, providing great environmental control.

Their greatest strength, however, is their…well, strength. Steel doors are nigh unbreakable. They can be dented though.

Fiberglass doors can do a pretty good job at intimidating the appearance of wooden doors. Like steel doors, they’re more resilient to weather and temperatures, but they don’t dent. Best of all, they feature an insulated core, making them very energy efficient.

They’re not unbreakable, and they can cost a little more, but they’re a great option to consider.


Once you have the material, you can decide on style. There are a wide variety of door designs to choose from. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose what styling fits your home best. You’ll also want to decide how much (if any) glass you want on your front door.

Having windows on your front door can look beautiful, but they can also reduce the security of your home slightly.

Locks, Knobs, Kickplates, and More

Finally, it’s time to choose what kind of hardware will go on your door. You’ll obviously want to match color patterns for whatever you choose. You’ll also need to decide on a locking system. There are many different types of locks to choose from, from traditional keys to number pads to smart locks you can open with your phone.

It’s definitely worth investigating the different options before deciding.

If you’re wanting to keep your door clean and un-scuffed, it might be a good idea to add a kickplate to the base. Not only do they protect your door, but they can enhance the appearance if chosen wisely.

Finding the Perfect Front Door

The best way to find your perfect front door is to speak to go to a professional that offers a range of customized entry door solutions. At Springfield Overhead Door, we provide customers with the highest quality exterior doors in Ohio at an affordable price.

Whether you’re just starting to look or you know exactly what you want, our team of experts is here to help with the purchase and installation of your next entry door.

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