Did you know that 70% of home intruders enter through a door? Often times, it’s through the main entrance.

While a security system is a great defense against being robbed, it’s not a 100% guarantee. You may forget to set it or a skilled thief may be able to get in and out before authorities arrive.

To truly keep your home safe, you need to make sure your doors are secure. We’ve put together some professional guidance for making sure your entrance doors are where they need to be, but before we get to that, there’s something we need to stress:

Remember to Lock Your Doors

The most secure door in the world is useless if you leave it unlocked. To give you another statistic, about a third of break-ins happen through an unlocked door.

You need to build the habit of always locking your door if you want to keep your home safe.

There are various memory techniques you can try so that you always remember to lock your door. Some people will perform a simple action after locking the door to ensure they’ve done it.

If you’re particularly forgetful or you just want to make life as easy as possible, smart locks are available these days. These can be controlled and checked right from your phone.

If you’re not sure whether or not you locked the door, you can just pull up the app, and take care of it.

Now then, a locked door can still be vulnerable to a break in. You need to make sure your doors are at the level they need to be.

Choose Solid Doors

Hollow doors are easy to break through (in addition to being less energy efficient). You should never use hallow doors as your entry doors. Most homes should already be using solid doors for their entrances, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure.

If you discover you have a hollow external door, replace it immediately.

Replace Lock, Plates, Hinges and Framing

You’d be surprised out how easily an old or poorly installed door can be kicked in. The deadbolt might not go deep enough. The hinges or frame might be loose. For a door to be secure, it must be installed properly.

Have a professional inspect your frame and fittings to make sure they’re solid.

Be Careful About Windows

As you know, standard glass breaks much more easily than wood. While doors with large glass sections look great, some of them can be very insecure. They also show off what’s inside your home.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy doors with glass.

Doors can come with treated or shatter proof glass. You can also install a metal grate or bars behind the glass. Certain alarm systems can detect broken glass as well.

Keep Shrubbery Away from Doors

Landscaping and shrubbery can add beauty to your home’s exterior. They can also add hiding places for burglars. The best practice is to keep your entry areas clear and exposed. This will deter break-ins and leave your home more secure.

Which Way Should My Door Open?

The direction your entry doors open can play into security as well. The general recommendation for residential settings is to have your exterior doors open inward. This conceals hardware such as the bolts and hinges.

If you live in an area that experiences snow, it will also keep you from being snowed in.

Some, however, will argue that an inward opening door is more susceptible to being kicked in. If your door is properly installed, this shouldn’t be an issue.

That said, the best way to keep your doors secure is to consult a professional. At Springfield Overhead Door, we offer a great selection of quality exterior doors along with professional installation service to make sure they’re put in correctly.

Contact us today and keep your home safe.