A shed is a great addition to almost any homestead. It provides a dedicated storage space that’s close, yet separated from day to day use. If you have an overly crowded garage, and you’ve already gotten rid of everything you can, then a shed is a perfect solution.

But before you go out and start building or shopping, there are a few details you need to work out.

Here are some general pre-shed items to think through as you start your journey to your dream shed.

Check for Local Requirements, Zoning, Permits, Etc.

Though sheds are much smaller and simpler than homes and even garages, they still come with a little red tape attached to them. Make sure to check with your city on zoning requirements, as well as any permits you might need.

This will ultimately depend on the size of the shed you’re building, which brings us to the next point…

Make Sure It’s Big Enough

Determining the necessary size of the shed is one of the first things you’ll have to do. Most importantly, it needs to be big enough to store what you currently have. Actually, you’ll want to go a little bigger than that in preparation for any future additions.

Having a shed that’s too small will leave you with a cluttered mess.

That said, making it too big will not only cost more but may encourage acquiring and/or holding on to items that you don’t need.

Ensure the Foundation is Strong

A strong foundation is just as important with a shed as it is with a garage or home. And just like with those, the best shed foundation is a concrete foundation. Concrete foundations are strong, long lasting, and affordable.

Can You Build it Yourself?

If you’re a handy person with a few tools on hand, you may be considering building your own shed. While a shed is a relatively simple struct ure, it still requires a skills hand and deft precision to produce a quality end-product.

You may consider a self-assembly shed. These are similar to Ikea-style furniture where you receive all of the pre-built pieces of the shed, leaving you to put them together. Otherwise, hiring a contractor may be the best route.

Choose the Right Doors

One final item you’ll need to decide on for your shed is the door. While some may utilize a slide or swing door for their shed, the superior choice is an overhead. Whether it’s a sectional door or a rolling steel door, an overhead door provides you with best in durability, security, and convenience, yet leaves a very small foot print.

There’s no comparison. An overhead door will outlast and outperform sliding and swing doors by a wide margin. For overhead doors in Dayton, no matter the style or size, Springfield Overhead Door has what you need. Contact us today!