When loading dock and warehouse managers think of efficiency, they often think about how to make operations go faster.

But efficiency isn’t just about speed. It’s equally about accuracy and safety. Nothing throws off the flow of a workplace like a mistake or an accident. In any given warehouse, the loading bay area is where many of their accidents take place.

But there’s good news.

According to a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, about 70% of loading dock accidents can be prevented with the right equipment and practices.

With that in mind, here is how you can improve the efficiency and safety of your loading dock.

Implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS)

New software and technology always comes with a learning curve, and that’s something that turns a lot of people off. Especially if they’ve been doing things a certain way for a long time. While the initial transition can feel like a hassle, the results are worth it.

A modern TMS can vastly improve efficiency and reduce human error, streamlining schedules, staffing, inventory, orders, and more.

If your loading dock keeps tripping over little mistakes and errors, it’s likely time to switch to a new TMS.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Sometimes, equipment breaks without warning or cause. But most of the time, there are signs leading up to equipment failure. Regular maintenance not only helps equipment last longer, but it allows you to spot problems before they start.

Keep a regular maintenance and inspection schedule to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Light Communication

Much of our world runs on light communication systems, and your loading dock should be no different. Light communication is an effective, yet affordable way for your warehouse team to communicate with the truck drivers pulling up to your loading dock.

With a simple red light, green light system, a driver can know when they’re clear to back-up or pull away without having to leave the driver’s seat to check.

Safety, Safety, Safety

A safe loading dock is an efficient loading dock. Make sure all parts of your loading area and warehouse are up to current codes. Inspect safety lighting and ensure signage is visible. If any recent accidents have occurred, investigate how they may have been avoided and make the necessary changes.

Updating Equipment as Needed

Even if you keep up with regular maintenance on your loading equipment, eventually, parts will have to be replaced. Though this is often seen as an unwanted expense, it should be viewed as an investment in efficiency and safety.

With the right equipment upgrades, your dock team can perform better, faster, and safer.

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