Garage doors are great at a lot of things. They allow convenient, spacious access to your garage. They’re easy to open and close. Despite their large size, they take up little space. They’re safe and secure. 

But there’s one thing the standard garage door isn’t so great at: being a wall. 

They have gaps and creases where air and moisture to sneak in. Water often leaks in underneath. And the outdoor temperature, hot or cold, has a tendency to pass right through garage doors. 

That is, unless you have an insulated garage door. 

Insulated garage doors are thicker, stronger, and better sealed, giving you superior control over your garage’s indoor environment. But do you really need one for your home?  

Let’s take a closer look at what insulated garage doors can do for you. 

Temperature Control and Efficiency for Your Home 

Is your garage attached to your home? If so, then your garage can affect the temperature and efficiency of your home. The wall and door connecting the home and garage often isn’t as well sealed as those facing the outside. 

Let’s say it’s summer, and you don’t have an insulated garage door. The heat from outside raises the temperature of the garage which, in turn, seeps into the house. Your AC then has to work harder to keep temperatures down, costing you more money on your electricity bill. 

It can also leave the room next to the garage less comfortable than the rest of the house. 

Planning on putting a heater or cooling unit inside the garage itself? Then an insulated door is a must. 

Comfortable Parking and Storage 

Even if your garage isn’t attached to your home, you can benefit from an insulated garage door. For those parking their cars in the garage during winter times, it won’t mean much if your door isn’t insulated.  

A non-insulated garage is practically the same temperature as the air outside. When sub-zero weather hits, your garage won’t do much in protecting your car’s engine and battery. The same goes for anything you might be storing in your garage. 

Multi-Purpose Facility 

Planning on working or hanging out in your garage ever? An insulated garage door allows you to do so regardless of the weather outside. With an insulated door and a heating or cooling device, your garage can be anything you want it to be at any point in the year. 

Peace and Quiet 

Due to their thicker, stronger nature, insulated garage doors tend to be quieter when opening and closing them. Additionally, less sound travels through. If you’re making noise in your garage, and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors (or you want to keep external noise out of your garage), an insulated garage door can help accomplish that. 

Insulated or Not, We’ve Got What You Need 

If you’re in need of an overhead garage door in Ohio, whether it’s insulated or not, we have a huge selection to choose from. There’s a lot of options when it comes to choosing a garage door. Let our professional, educated team help you find the door that’s perfect for you.