Your entry door is a great first impression of your home. It can be your statement pieces that highlight a little bit of who you are when people first enter your home. Here are some of the different styles and what they represent.

The Classic-Traditional Door


This stylish entry door has a feeling of classic with a traditional feel. The black makes the door sleek, but the two long window panes give it a classic feel. We also like how this style pairs with the brick and foliage around the home. The door clean how it is, keeps the house feeling put together in a style that’s becoming very popular today.

The Statement Door


If you’re going for a statement door, we recommend something in this direction. It still has a classic frame in that it is a two-pane wooden door. It even has a traditional door handle, but the color is what makes it stand out. If you have a solid color exterior home, consider a pop of color to make a bold impression when someone comes to your house.

The Steel Entry Door


A style we’re seeing coming in currently is the steel entry frame door. It brings a resurrection of a more classic look in a new way. In this photo, you can see it with a brick home, but we’ve also seen these steel frame entry doors in more modern builds as well. It complements the industrial look very well but also can be a statement of security because of the steel.

Find the Entry Door that’s Right for you

Whatever style entry door in Ohio you’re looking for, give us a call at Springfield Overhead Door. We specialize in custom or traditional entry doors and can make sure you get the door that’s right for you. We’ve got the right door for you and can help you dream up what’s right for your home, so give us a call today for a free quote!