Garage doors are something many homeowners don’t give much thought to when they’re working properly. But once they break, it’s a large inconvenience (not to mention a serious safety risk).

The best way to avoid a sudden garage door failure is to practice proper garage door maintenance. It’s simple to do, and absolutely worth the small amount of time it takes.

Keep it Clean

While it might not do much in extending the door’s life, cleaning both the inside and the outside of your garage door will do wonders for your home’s appearance. Simply spray or wipe down the outside a few times a year, especially after winter. As for the inside, dust and sweep away the dirt and cobwebs.

Observe Door Performance

When your garage door opens, you’re generally in a hurry to be somewhere or relieved to be home. You don’t really pay attention to how well your door is opening.

Every once and a while, pause and really pay attention to door as it opens and closes. Does it move smoothly? Is it making any strange noises?

A loud or jerky door is a great sign of bigger problems to come. Make sure it’s smooth and quiet.

Check Safety Features

Automatic garage doors have built in safety features for a reason. The primary features include photo eyes (the door sensors near the base) and an auto-reverse mechanism that sends the door the other direction when it meets resistance.

Routinely check both of these features to make sure they’re operating correctly.

Manually Open the Door

Automatic doors are great, but there’s a bit of disconnect yourself and the condition of the door. To check balance and smoothness, turn off your opening mechanism, put the door into manual mode, and open it yourself.

If both sides feel even, your door is fine.

Replace Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping keeps your garage sealed, preventing extreme temperatures, moisture, living creatures, and more. Make sure yours is in good condition. If it’s not, get it replaced.

Call a Professional for Inspection

There are a moving parts involved in the workings of your garage door. Not only is it difficult for an untrained eye to see if something is wrong, but it can be dangerous to get too close to these parts.

Instead, just call a professional. With a quick visit, they’ll be able to let you know how your door is doing.

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