Controlling your garage’s climate can be tricky. But for those who want to make the most out of their garage, it’s a necessity. One struggle many people face is moisture. A damp or humid garage is unpleasant, it’s hard on the items stored in there, and it can create mold and mildew.

What can you do about it? A number of things, actually.


Often, garages get humid and muggy because the moisture has nowhere to go. It comes in with your vehicle or through an open door or a leak, and it’s trapped. Garages are small, stagnant rooms.

Increasing air circulation is important. It not only helps with moisture, but mustiness and smell as well.


Vehicles aren’t always dry when you bring them in the garage. Whether it’s rain, snow, or ice, if there’s water on your vehicle, it’s going to end up on the garage floor. Having a drain in place gives the water somewhere to go besides your garage’s interior.

Use a Dehumidifier

If you want to take a more proactive approach to controlling garage moisture, consider a dehumidifier. They’re relatively affordable, and you don’t need a very powerful one to keep your garage in check. Just make sure you’re draining it when needed.

Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers aren’t always needed, but they can help if you’re still struggling with moisture after following the steps above. Just don’t install it in the ceiling.

Apply a Floor Coating

Despite its strong, hard surface, concrete is surprisingly porous. Liquid will get trapped in it, and when temperatures rise, that moisture will enter into the air. It can even draw moisture from outside your garage and bring it in.

A great way to combat this is with a garage floor coating, such as epoxy. Not only does it fight moisture, but it reduces dust and improves appearances. For floor coating services in the Dayton/Springfield area, make sure to check out our sister site here.

Temperature Control

Keeping your garage temperature controlled, especially during the summer, can have a big impact on the moisture inside. Keep your garage insulated, and if possible, consider venting cool air into it. Fans can help as well.

Just make sure the air can go somewhere. That’s where ventilation comes in.

Consider an Insulated Garage Door

A great way to maintain your garage’s climate is with an insulated garage door. They keep the wrong temperature out while holding the right temperature in. They also come available in the same great looks and styles as traditional garage doors.

Whether you’re looking for an insulated garage door or a standard overhead door, Springfield Overhead Door has you covered. Contact us today!