Did you know 34% of burglars enter through the front door? Additionally, 30% of burglars go through an unlocked door or window. In other words, just keeping your entry points locked and your front door secure can greatly reduce your risk of being robbed.

This isn’t revelatory information, but it’s still important to remember. And as much as we can get into a habit of locking our doors, it’s still possible to forget. Next thing you know, you’re at work, debating whether you locked the door on your way out or not.

Thankfully, there’s a modern solution that allows you to control your door locks, no matter where you go. They’re called smart locks, and they can be a worth addition to any home out there.

Why You Should Consider Smart Locks

Smart locks offer the same (if not superior) security that your current locks offer, along with some nice modern conveniences. Note that some of these may be dependent on the type of lock you get.

With a smart lock, you can have hands free entry to your home. As you approach your door, the lock can read the presence of your phone or a key fob and automatically unlock. Your door can also be locked and unlocked remotely.

This isn’t just great for when you forget to lock your door but also in situations where someone is stopping by your house while you’re not around. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a repair man, you can let them in without having to drive all the way home.

With the right lock, you can even create a temporary access code that they can use so you don’t have to be bothered at all.

The Different Types of Smart Locks

These days, there’s quite a few smart lock options available on the market, though they’re largely different variations of the same thing. One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’re going to replace your current deadbolt altogether or simply place one overtop of your existing deadbolt.

The latter option is a little cheaper and quicker, but the former option offers more options to choose from.

Additionally, you’ll have to choose how your lock connects to the device you’re controlling it from (usually, your phone). Bluetooth locks are simple, effective, and offer great batter life, but you have to be in range of the lock to control them.

Some do have an auto lock feature so that they’ll lock once your device is out of range.

Others use a hub system that they connect to within your house. This hub then can connect to a router within your home. Lastly, you can get locks that connect directly with your Wi-Fi. These allow you to access your locks even when you’re away from home.

From there, you’ll have to choose what kind of interface your lock has. Most still have a traditional key slot you can use, so you’re not completely bound to using a smart device.

As we mentioned earlier, smart locks do require batteries for their wireless features to work. The good news is, you should be able to go a year without having to worry about that.

A Lock is Only as Good as It’s Door

If you’re planning on upgrading your door locks, you’ll want to make sure they’re attached to a secure door. At Springfield Overhead Door, we offer quality entry doors to fit any home. We can even do special sizing and installation.

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