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Replacing Entry Doors

The doors to our homes are something we expect to last a long time. But eventually, a fresh coat of paint simply isn’t enough to keep them updated. Whether they’ve become damaged or their style is outdated, sooner or later, you’ll be looking to replace your exterior doors. Of course, when you’re buying new doors, […]

Rebuilding Your Garage vs. Renovating It

When someone starts talking about home renovation projects, they usually focus on a kitchen, living room, or maybe bathroom first. After all, those are places guests will regularly see. They are areas made to impress. But for those with an older home that’s recently remodeled, there’s a good chance your garage is one of the […]

Upgrading Your Home to Smart Locks

Did you know 34% of burglars enter through the front door? Additionally, 30% of burglars go through an unlocked door or window. In other words, just keeping your entry points locked and your front door secure can greatly reduce your risk of being robbed. This isn’t revelatory information, but it’s still important to remember. And […]