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Garage Door Material FAQs

When it comes time to replace your garage door entirely, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is your garage door material. When it comes to selecting the best garage door material, there isn’t always a one size fits all answer. The best material for your garage door may depend on the […]

The Pros and Cons of a Wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are growing more and more popular as they provide a beautiful aesthetic feature to any exterior home design.  Garages used to be tucked away to the side or detached behind a home. But today it is more than likely your garage door is one of the first things you see on the […]

Why is There a Gap Under My Overhead Door?

Have you ever been in your garage when the overhead door is closed and noticed a significant amount of light shining through the bottom? This is likely due to a gap between the bottom of your garage door and the ground underneath.  This is often due to settling in your concrete and not anything wrong […]

Commercial Grade Vs. Residential Garage Doors

Whether you are purchasing a new overhead garage door for your residential home or commercial space, you will likely benefit from a little bit of research.  The difference between a commercial grade and residential garage door may seem straightforward but the reality is there are several applications that require a specific type of garage door. […]