Today, we wrap up our series on the most popular materials for entry doors. In our first post, we focused on the classic wooden door. Wooden doors are beautiful, customizable, and long-lasting, but they do come with a degree of maintenance if you want them to retain their proper form and condition.

Next, we moved onto fiberglass doors. A more modern material, fiberglass offers a wide range of design options with little-to-no maintenance. They’re also naturally energy efficient. However, these advantages come at a cost. Literally. Fiberglass doors can be on the pricier side. Additionally, they don’t always work for non-traditional frame sizes.

If you’re not sold on wooden or fiberglass doors, there is another option: steel doors.

Buying Steel Doors for Your Home

When you picture a steel door, you might think of a big, grey metal slab bolted onto your house. The truth is steel doors can be quite beautiful. They also come in a wider variety of styles than many assume they do. They can even mimic materials such as wood.

Their greatest strength is their, well, strength. Steel doors are strong and long lasting, able to withstand harsh winds, rain, and snow, along with brute force.

Additionally, they’re fire resistant, noise repellent, and energy efficient. Though steel is a conductor, steel doors feature foam cores that help moderate temperatures.

Despite all of these strengths, steel doors are surprisingly affordable.

Are Steel Doors Right for You?

Steel doors do have a few quirks. Though they don’t break easily, they can become scratched and scuffed, and these marks aren’t easy to cover up. Steel doors are known to be difficult to paint. They can also rust if you don’t take proper care of them.

Still, you can generally expect your steel doors to last for a very long time.

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