Whether you’re getting springs for a new garage or you’re replacing springs on an existing garage, many homeowners find themselves quickly overwhelmed. For those with garage springs already in place, it can be tempting to leave them as is.

But trust us, it’s better to replace your springs sooner rather than later. Broken garage door springs can not only leave you with a malfunctioning garage, but they can cause injury.

Whatever your reason for needing new springs, the first thing you should understand are the main types of springs.

The Types of Garage Door Springs

There are essentially two types of springs: extension and torsion. Both provide similar functions, counterbalancing the weight of the garage door so it can easily open and close.

Extension springs are what most people think of when they picture a spring. These metal coils expand and contract as the weight of the door pushes and pulls.

Torsion springs, on the other hand, use torque and tension, coiling tightly to counterbalance the door.

Though extension springs tend to have a cheaper upfront cost, torsions springs provide more power and a much longer shelf life. These days, you’ll find torsion springs in most garages, and it’s what we’d typically recommend purchasing.

Installing or Replacing Garage Door Springs

Different doors need different types of springs, and we don’t just mean extension vs. torsion. Even if you’re set on torsion, there are specs you’ll need to have on hand. Shopping for new springs can get a little confusing.

Additionally, garage door springs of any type carry a lot of tension in them. That means there’s a lot of potential danger when handling them. One wrong move could send metal coils flying straight at your face. Or your garage door could become unhinged, sending it sliding freely, taking out anything that stands in its way.

That’s why it’s best to leave garage door work to the professionals.

If you’re in need of garage door or garage door spring inspection or replacement in Ohio, contact Springfield Overhead Door today. We’ll help you find the springs you need. We have a great selection of both springs and overhead doors to choose from, and our professional team is experienced in installation.

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