Whether you are looking for overhead doors for a commercial property, residential shed, or outbuilding, a rolling steel curtain can be an excellent option. Rolling steel curtains in Ohio may differ from the typical residential garage doors you are used to working with. For this reason, questions regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of rolling steel curtains come up. Let’s answer a few of the most common rolling steel curtain questions. 

Do I need to replace my entire rolling steel curtain if only a portion is damaged?

Rolling steel curtains are made up of individual steel slats that slide and interlock together. For this reason, it is fairly easy to replace individual slats. This means if one or even a few slats are broken or damaged you can replace those without replacing the entire rolling steel curtain. This makes replacing damaged rolling steel curtains very cost-efficient. 

Do I need a fire-rated rolling steel curtain?

This need will depend on your industry or the specific application of the rolling steel curtain. Fire-rated doors are governed by the International Building Code (IBC). Whether you need a fire-rated door or not, we have you covered at Springfield Overhead Door. 

Is a rolling steel curtain worth the investment?

Rolling steel curtains are often seen as superior in the overhead door industry. Their structural integrity makes them an excellent choice for highly demanding environments. Rolling steel curtains are built with strength, efficiency, and durability. They are especially worth it if you operate any loading dock, distribution center, or freight terminal. 

What are U-value and R-value?

R-value is how we in the overhead door industry measure and rank the thermal efficiency of a door. U-value measures how much heat energy is lost or gained rather than measuring a single material’s ability to resist the conduction of heat flow. That’s right, where R-value only measured the insulation itself, U-value measures the whole door (Slats and all!)

What Maintenance does a rolling steel curtain require?

While we do suggest visual inspections and regular operational checks to ensure the longevity and operational efficiency of your Rolling Steel Doors, these products are virtually maintenance-free!

Rolling Steel Curtains in Ohio

If you have more questions regarding rolling steel curtains, contact our team at Springfield Overhead Door. We can help you with everything from choosing an overhead door to installation and maintenance, and repair.