Our homes were built and created to give ourselves and our families a safe space away from the outside elements. Our home keeps the wind, rain, snow, changing temperatures, and much more out of our home so we can live safely and comfortably. Our homes also are built to keep us separated from the outside world and the animals, bugs, and pests that inhabit the nature around us.

It is incredibly important that our home be built and maintained to function in this way. The same goes for our garages. As one of the few entries into your home, keeping pests out of your garage is key to protecting your home from them, as well.

Garage can present all sorts of temptations and access points for wildlife and pests.

How can you keep Pests Out of Your Garage?

Luckily, there are simple things you can do within your garage to make sure this entry into your home is pest free.

Eliminating Access Points

With a simple inspection of your garage every few months, you can monitor access points created by pests. Even the smallest of cracks or holes can be a welcome front door for mice and rodents.

Be sure to install vent covers over any duct work in your garage. This includes access points to any plumbing or to your HVAC system.

Protect Resources

Mice and other rodents are often drawn to garages by what we store in them. Dog food, grain, and bird seed, all make an excellent meal for garage pests. Keep these items stored in airtight containers instead of cardboard boxes and keep your garage clean and tidy.

It can be helpful to keep your garage at cooler temperatures in the winter months, as rodents are also drawn to the warmth of agarges when needed.

Utilize Traps

If you feel like rodents are getting into your garage you can always set up a few traps. There are several different kinds of traps on the market that allow you to catch these pests in different ways. Traps can be effective in stopping further damage once rodents get in.

Maintain Your Garage Door

The biggest door into your home or garage is almost always the garage door. So it will always be helpful to keep your garage door shut when it’s not in use to help keep the outside world from entering in. Your garage door, however, can only be effective in keeping pests out if it is properly maintained.

Repair any damage to your garage door in a timely fashion to ensure optimal effectiveness. Pay close attention to the weather stripping at the bottom of your overhead garage door, this is the part that seals your garage from the outside world. Even the smallest gap in this stripping can become an access point for rodents.

No Pests Allowed

Your garage is the largest entry point into your home. Protect this point of entry by following the tips above to ensure pests aren’t gaining access to the inside of your home or any belongings in your garage. A quality and well maintained overhead garage door in Ohio will be your first line of defense to protect your home and keep the pests away!