Sheds seem less common these days. Most likely, it’s a combination of people having bigger garages and smaller yards. Still, for those who have the room in their backyard, the idea of a shed is appealing. Who couldn’t use a little more storage?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need a shed, we’ve put together a few common reasons why people build one.

But before we get to that, there’s a question you need to ask yourself…

Do You Just Need to Be More Organized?

If you’re considering a shed, you should first declutter your garage, purge unused items, and reorganize what’s left. This will help you decide whether or not you really need the extra space.

An unneeded shed can easily become an excuse to hold on to more things you don’t need. Another option to consider is expanding your garage. This keeps everything together and leaves you with more room to work with inside your current garage.

Still, for those in need, a shed can be nice to have. Here’s why you might want to get one.

Storing Seasonal Items

Your garage works best for things you need regular access to. Chances are, it’s attached to your house or at least right next to it. You can go in and out without having to worry about rain, snow, darkness, etc.

Sheds tend to be more tucked way, such as in the back corner of your lawn.  That makes it great for seasonal items, whether it’s your lawn mower for the summer months or some rakes for the autumn months. You can store your snowblower in there during the warmer seasons. Just make sure to wheel it over to your garage before the snow falls, or you’ll be dragging it across a snowy lawn.

You Want More Space in Your Garage

Sometimes, even after you organize and purge, you just don’t have enough space in your garage to store everything. Maybe your garage is doubling as a workspace or office or lounge area. If so, you probably don’t want all of your outdoor appliances and rec items lying about.

In that case, a garage is a great place to put the excess stuff.

Increase Value and House Appeal

A well-designed shed can be an attractive addition to your backyard. If you’re looking to sell your home someday, it will likely appeal to potential buyers. Everyone loves extra storage, inside and out. It could even increase the monetary value of your home.

Hide Away Messier/Less Attractive Items

More people see the inside of your garage than you might think. Your door is opening and closing in public view. Someone staying at your house might enter it to get into your car with you. You may even host events like graduation parties inside of your garage.

Sheds, on the other hand, are rarely exposed to anyone but those in your family. This can make them ideal to store messier items or less attractive items. If something is smelly (like fertilizer), keep it in the shed. If it’s constantly dirty, keep it in the shed.

Hazardous Storage

Do you have items on hand that are harmful to children or animals? Then a shed might be a better spot for them than your garage. This could include pesticides, motor oil, anti-freeze, and other chemicals.

Building Your Shed

While there are vendors out there who sell pre-made sheds, these aren’t guaranteed to match the aesthetic of your home. Because of their small stature, building a shed can be a great DIY project that tests your homebuilding skills.

If you have extra siding and shingles for your home, you can create a shed that matches your house perfectly.

Just make sure you put some quality doors on it. For overhead and exterior doors in Ohio, contact Springfield Overhead Door today!