When someone starts talking about home renovation projects, they usually focus on a kitchen, living room, or maybe bathroom first. After all, those are places guests will regularly see. They are areas made to impress.

But for those with an older home that’s recently remodeled, there’s a good chance your garage is one of the most outdated/underdeveloped spots in your household.

Whether anyone sees your garage or not, there are certain expectations we all have for our garages. They tend to be too small, too drafty, and all-around poorly kept. If you’re looking to make an upgrade, the first question you’ll need to answer is whether it’s best to renovate what you have or rebuild it altogether. Unlike the rooms of your house, a garage is something you could tear down completely and build from the ground up.

The questions is, should you? To figure out the answer, you’ll need to consider a few things.

What’s Your Budget?

Every project should start with setting a budget. It keeps you from wasting your time on options you can’t afford, and it protects you from spending money you don’t have. With a budget set, you can start getting estimates on different changes, which will help you know whether a new garage is even an option for you.

Unless your garage is in very poor condition and/or most of it has to be rebuilt anyway, a new garage is going to typically be the more expensive option. That doesn’t mean you can’t afford it, though. There’s also your property value to consider. A new garage will quite possibly add more value than a simple renovation, helping to offset the cost in the long run.

But even if you can afford a new garage, do you need it? It is a longer, messier project, after all.

What are the Key Features Missing?

You need to decide what feature your current garage is missing.

Is it just a little underdeveloped? Is it too small? Do you want it to be taller, so you have more overhead storage? Do you want to connect it to your house? Do you need another stall added?

Based on your needs from the garage, you should be able to figure out whether or not your current garage can support these changes or not. It may be that the only way to meet your needs is to pull the entire thing apart and start over.

Should you choose to renovate or rebuild, one thing you should consider are new garage doors. If you’re looking to improve the interior climate of your garage, insulated garage doors are definitely the way to go.

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