Selecting the right overhead doors for your commercial space may not seem like a big deal, until you start to think about how much they can really impact your business.

For many companies using large commercial spaces, their access points and the doors that operate them are a vital part of their day to day operations. Whether you are moving heavy machines or vehicles or loading and unloading products, it all happens through overhead doors.

What happens when those overhead doors aren’t working efficiently?

Without properly functioning overhead doors, your business could be wasting time and money on repairs, over even simply waiting for doors to open and close.

If your business relies on these access points into your commercial facility, you may need to evaluate whether you have chosen the best overhead door system.

There are a few different options available for commercial space overhead doors. Each offers different advantages that may be beneficial to your business. Today, we are going to compare common types of commercial overhead doors.

Rolling Steel Door

The rolling steel door (or curtain) is an overhead door that is great for storage spaces, loading docks, or any commercial space that is tight on space. Due to the fact that this door rolls up into itself and virtually disappears, it is an ideal option for any facility looking to save space without compromising on efficiency.

Our selection of rolling steel doors can be customized to any size slat, door opening, color and a variety of materials in order to make it not only meet your facility needs but your business style a taste as well.

Sectional Door

A sectional door can be similar to a rolling steel door in that it is made up of horizontal slats. For a sectional door, however, these salts will be larger as they don’t have to accommodate rolling in the way the steel curtain does.

A sectional door is a good option for facilities which have adequate or abundant overhead space. These doors will function much like your residential garage door where it will follow a track up overhead when opened.

This type of door can be opened and closed with just as much ease and speed as a rolling steel curtain. And comes in many customizable options from material, color or design, and slat size.

Both of these commercial overhead door options are great for commercial spaces and when installed and maintained properly can benefit your business greatly.

From selecting the best overhead door for your commercial space, to installation, and repairs, our professionals at Springfield Overhead Door in Dayton are available to you. We hope you help your business increase in efficiency and success through the right overhead door in your commercial space!