Smart technology is everywhere these days: it’s in kitchens, cars, watches, shopping malls, pet devices, and more. The exact definition of smart devices varies, but generally, it’s an interactive machine that can understand commands. Often, they simply connect to a network accessible from your phone or computer, allowing you to control them remotely.

So why is smart technology so great? Because it makes your life easier, allowing you control many things at once, regardless of where you are. It also allows for additional programming, such as putting lights on an automatic day and night cycle.

For those looking to get the most out of this wonderful technology, the garage can be a great place to start. Have you ever wandered into the garage in the dark, unable to find the lights? Or maybe a friend is borrowing something from inside of your garage, but you won’t be home to meet them

These issues can easily be solved with the right smart device. Here are some options for upgrading your garage to modern times.

Smart Garage Controller

Control your garage door with your smart phone, allowing you to open and close it from anywhere. This allows you to easily let people into your garage or home, even when you’re not around. It also saves you from having to carry around a separate garage door opener in your car.

Chances are, you always have your phone with you in the car. With a quick press of a button (or even a voice command), you can have your garage door opened in seconds.

Many smart garage door openers also come with an app that will notify you when your door opens, adding an extra security measure to your home.  Some can even integrate with a camera so you can see the inside of your garage in real time.

You can also have smart openers integrate with keypad outside of your garage, allowing you to set specific keycodes for different people, enabling and disabling them as needed.

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are great for any room in your house. Rather than tracking down a light switch in the dark, or in the case of a garage, a pull string hanging in the middle of the room, a smart bulb gives you voice control. Simply connect the bulb to a device such as Google Home, Alexa, or even directly to your smartphone, and you’re given full control.

Many smart bulbs, such as the Philips Hue can change colors or be dimmed without a dimmer switch. Using multiple bulbs, you can also create “scenes” where different sets of lights can be turned on by saying different commands.

Let’s say you have a workstation in your garage. Simply say “turn on workstation”, and the appropriate area will be lit and ready.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets can give you full control over appliances, lamps, and more from a singular location. Similar to smart bulbs, these outlets can connect to a smart hub, allowing you to turn them on and off with your voice (or the touch of a digital button).

In the case of a garage, you may keep a space heater plugged into a smart outlet. This allows you to turn the heat on or off without having to walk across the room and do it manually.

Smart Technology Has Many More Applications

What you can do with smart devices is limited only by your imagination. By combining different apps and devices, you can streamline your whole garage experience as you see fit. But if you’re going to upgrade your garage, you should first make sure you have quality doors in place.

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