Looking for a great way to utilize modern software to streamline your warehouse/loading dock management? Then you should consider integrating myQ Technology into your overhead door systems. We’ve talked before about how you can integrate smart technology into your home garage with myQ software. With myQ, homeowners are able to control and monitor their garage directly from their smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

But myQ doesn’t just work for your garage at home. With myQ Business, you can integrate a powerful set of features into your warehouses and loading bays, increasing efficiency, security, and control.

Making Loading Management Simple with MyQ

Just like the residential app, myQ Business allows you to monitor and control your doors and gates from a device of your choosing. You’ll also be able to oversee access and see who is coming and going.

But myQ business takes things a step further with a suite of monitoring and reporting tools.

For warehouses, loading bays, and storage facilities, there’s myQ Business Facility. This provides facility managers with complete control and knowledge of the various access points and what’s happening at them. Data is recorded and compiled so you’re able to easily spot deficiencies and make adjustments accordingly.

With its delegation features, you’re able to grand permission-based access to the appropriate team members. You have total control over their capabilities and can set restrictions based on the time and/or location.

You can also utilize myQ to monitor your doors and openers so that you know how they’re performing and whether or not they need inspection/maintenance.  This greatly reduces downtime and unexpected incidents.

Community managers can enjoy many of these same features with myQ Business Community.

Where to Get MyQ Compatible Equipment

Looking to integrate the power of myQ into your facility? We can help. At Springfield Overhead Door, we offer a range of commercial grade openers that fully integrate with myQ. We also provide a great selection of commercial overhead doors to meet your needs.

For the latest overhead door openers and overhead doors in Dayton and beyond, contact Springfield Overhead Door today!