We are deep into winter and you may be daydreaming about the days ahead when you can get your boat out of storage and enjoy sunny summer days on the lake. Until then you are stuck inside and paying hefty fees to store your boat for winter.

If you are like most boat owners, you don’t have the extra space in your garage to store your boat, this means each winter you pay additional costs just to keep your boat out of the winter elements, what a bummer. 

This time of year let’s take some time to think about what possibilities you could have for next winter. If you want to ditch the extra storage fees and make an investment in your own storage option, we can help.

Whether you want to add on to your current garage, build a detached shed or garage, or your designing a garage for a new home build, As experts in overhead garage doors in Ohio, we know garages.

Here are a few things you may want to consider when designing the perfect garage storage for your boat. 

The Details of Your Boat

We know, you likely know your boat pretty well. When designing a storage garage you must know details including the dimensions, weight, body shape, and other characteristics that may impact your ability to store it safely. 

The Details of The Garage

Like we mentioned before, there are many storage options you can choose from. 

Are you building a new home with a garage in mind? Are you looking to add a detached garage to your property? In either case, consider what the space will be used for, in addition to storing your boat. Will you be storing vehicles? Household items? Each of these questions will impact your overall design. 

Select Features

This is where you can have a little fun. What features would you like in your boat storage space?

Do you have the space to add an overhead door at the back of the boat storage bay that would allow you to pull the boat straight through the garage? Do you want your garage to be heated? Are you worried about design and curb appeal? 

Considering these questions will help you establish what is important to you for both storage and the overall investment you will be made by adding this feature to your home. 

Overhead Garage Doors in Ohio

Storing your boat on your own property is the ideal situation for most boat owners. By getting this project going now, you could make that a reality by next winter. When it comes time to choose the optimal overhead garage door in Ohio for your boat storage, give our team at Springfield Overhead Door a call!