Your front entry door can be an important feature to your home. In many home designs it is front and center on the exterior, making it one of the first things your eye notices. The front entry door can do a lot to make or break the overall curb appeal of your home.

Your front entry door is also the first impression of your home. Before even stepping foot inside, your front entry door gives everyone an idea of what they can expect on the interior.

With that said, what do you think your front door says about you and your home?

Clean And Simple

A clean and simple front door and entrance says you don’t need anything extra, frilly, or fancy to enjoy life. You appreciate the simple things and live a lifestyle free of clutter and chaos.

A clean and simple front entry door doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting. With the right architectural details or mill work, anyone can appreciate your entrance for the clean slate that it is.

Brightly Colored

Nothing says “hello” like a brightly colored front door. If your front entry door is a bright pop of color you may like to live on the wild side. You see the fun and optimism in every situation and enjoy unique and eye-catching design features.

The biggest benefit of a bright front door? Your house will alway be easy to spot for the delivery guy.

Highly Decorated

For you, it’s all about the accessories. You like a front door that can change styles just as often as you do. Maybe your front entry decor follows the seasons or simply your ever changing mood.

You love a fun project and like to be creative, and your entry door is a display of your personality!

Covered in Windows

If you opt for the front entry door and surround that is full of windows you see your door for what it truly is. A window into your life. You are an open book, an intentional friend to all, and an inviting presence.

You may live by an open door policy and find yourself telling others “my door is always open”. Much like your personality, your front entry door offers sunshine to flood your whole home.

What is Your Front Entry Door Saying?

Have we got you thinking? What does your front entry door say about you? Maybe now that you think about it, you don’t love what it might be saying about you.

At Springfield Overhead Door we know that front entry doors in Ohio say a lot about not just your home, but you as a person. If you think it’s time for an upgrade or repair of your front door. Give us a visit and we are sure to find the perfect entry door for you!