If you have an automatic garage door in your home or business, then you almost certainly have photo eyes at the base of it. Photoelectric sensors, more commonly called photo eyes, are devices that transmit an invisible beam of light from one side to the other.

These are placed at the base of automatic garage doors so that the door knows whether or not something is in the way. If the light beam connects with the other side, the garage door works normally. If the garage door is open, however, and the beam between the photo eyes is broken, the garage door will not close.

If you’ve ever tried to walk through a closing garage door, only to see it reverse directions as you passed under it, this is because you interrupted the photo eyes. These discrete devices are a very important safety feature for modern garage doors. If something goes wrong with them, you’ll find yourself having a hard time closing your garage door.

Common Photo Eyes Problems

In situations where your garage door won’t close despite the fact that there’s nothing under it, the first thing you should check is the photo eyes. Because they hang out from your garage door on fairly thin strips of metal, it isn’t too difficult for these sensors to be knocked out of alignment.

Check and see if they’re facing each other. If one is a little bent, you should be able to put it back in place with your hands. It’s also possible that the sensors are dirty. Try cleaning them off with a damp cloth.

When inspecting them, you should also be able to see a little light projecting from one side. If this light is off, they may be disconnected or broken.

If that’s the case, or you simply can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong, it’s best to contact a professional. There could always be something wrong with your actual opener. Should you find you’re in need of a new garage door opener, we have you covered.

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