In the market for a new garage door opener? Before you go and purchase the first product recommended to you, there are a few things to consider.

All garage door openers may perform the same function, but they are certainly not equal. Choosing the best garage door opener for your garage will depend on your needs, wants, and budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the expectations you should have for a modern garage door opener.


Garage doors are heavy, and they use high-pressure springs. Both of these factors can make them dangerous if they’re not handled properly. It’s the responsibility of your garage door opener to open and close your garage door safely.

These days, automatic garage doors have built in safety features to protect against injury and accidents. Automatic reversing has been a required feature by law since the early 90s. To make this work, garage doors are fashioned with photoeye sensors to detect if something is in the way of the garage door before it can close.

Additionally, most doors have pressure sensitivity, so if they hit something on the way down, they’ll automatically reverse.

An easy to access manual release is important as well for both safety and security. Speaking of security…


Most people’s garages hold some expensive items in them. Additionally, if you have a connected garage, it can be a prime target for someone looking to break into your home. Security is very important.

These days, most garage door openers use rolling code technology. That means every time you use your opener on your garage door, it randomly generates a new code to open it. This prevents would be thieves from stealing the sensor code with a third-party device.

For additional security and control, consider getting a garage door opener with smart technology integration. This allows you to control and monitor your garage from a smartphone or computer, no matter where you’re at.


Noise is a factor often overlooked when it comes to garage doors. Garage doors can get pretty loud, especially if your garage is connected to your home. To minimize noise, a belt drive is a considerably quieter option than the traditional chain drive opener.

While there is some added upfront cost, belt openers tend to last longer and require less maintenance. Another way to make your garage door quieter is with an insulated door.

Battery Backup

Garage door openers can run into issues when the power goes out. While there is the manual release lever, they can be difficult to access, especially in a power outage. Many garage door openers have backup battery systems that can run the door until the power comes back.


Horsepower isn’t something you’ll have to get too carried away with, but you do need to make sure your opener is strong enough for your needs. Otherwise, it could wear out and break prematurely. In most cases, ½ horsepower will handle your needs. If you have extra large doors or ones made of wood, you may need a little more power. Consult a professional to be safe.

Where to Purchase Garage Door Openers in Ohio

If you really want to find the perfect garage door opener, it’s best to work with a company that specializes in garage door. At Springfield Overhead Door, we carry doors, openers, and more for garages and warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Our experienced staff is here to understand your needs so that we can set you up with the garage door opener you’ve been looking for. Contact us today!