If you are a homeowner and have an overhead garage door, chances are high that you will eventually need to hire a garage door technician. You may need simple maintenance, emergency repair, or a whole new garage door.

Even the highest quality overhead door in Ohio, as we install at Springfield Overhead Door, has a lifecycle. When your overhead door reaches the end of its life cycle you want to hire an experienced and trusted garage door technician to take care of you.

If you haven’t hired a garage door technician or worked with an overhead garage door company before, you may be wondering what you should be looking for. 

Let’s take a look at some important factors that make a trustworthy and reliable garage door company.

Expertise and Specialty

You want to ensure the company you hire has expertise in the area in which you need service. Some overhead garage door companies only specialize in commercial spaces while others focus on residential ones. 

At Springfield Overhead Door we have expert technicians for both commercial and residential needs. This includes overhead garage doors, rolling steel curtains, dock levelers, and more

Adequate Insurance

Because of the nature of the work they are doing, a garage door company must have adequate insurance. If they are working on your garage door and something goes wrong damage could be made to your car or property. Their insurance would be responsible for paying for those damages. If they don’t have insurance, it could be your loss. 


Chances are high that when your garage door breaks it won’t be within the typical 9-5 business hours and you won’t have days to wait for a technician to come out. For this reason, 24/7 emergency services and availability are crucial for a garage door company. 


An experienced overhead garage door company should have plenty of positive reviews and testimonials. That may be your best indication of their experience and what you can expect their service to be like. You want to select a garage door company with years of experience. It can be nice to support new companies but know you may be taking on some risk in doing so. 

Overhead Doors in Ohio

Whether you are looking for overhead door service near Dayton Ohio today or want to be prepared for the future, Springfield Overhead Door is a reliable and experienced local company with years of experience serving home and business owners. Give us a call today.