These days, garages are as popular for storing random possessions as they are for protecting your car. In fact, some people use them to store so many things, that they can’t even get their vehicle in there. What you do with your garage is ultimately up to you.

We’ve discussed in the past the many wonderful things you can do with a garage.

For those whose garages aren’t heated, however, there are certain things you should not be storing in there. The leaves are changing, and winter is coming sooner than you think. That means you should take a quick inventory of your garage storage and make sure there’s nothing in there that will get damaged by the cold weather.

Here are a few things to keep out of your garage during the winter:


Most homeowners keep some extra paint on hand. These buckets are big, heavy, and ugly, and the garage is a popular place to keep them hidden away. However, if you have any intentions of using this paint in the future, you should not be keeping it in your garage.

The freezing temperatures will separate the chemicals in the paint and make it useless.


Most daily electronics are not made to endure extreme temperatures, hot or cold. They may make it through the winter and turn on just fine in the spring. Or they may suffer irreparable damage and never work again.

The truth is, you shouldn’t be keeping electronics in any garage that’s not climate controlled, regardless of the season.

Liquids (Including Alcohol)

While your jug of antifreeze should be just fine in the winter, most other liquids are not. If you’re storing any beverages in your garage, it’s time to move them inside. While some thing because of its low freezing point, alcohol should be fine, it can still freeze on those particularly frigid nights.

Also, fluctuating temperatures can make beverages like beer and wine go bad.


With the exception of maybe pet food, you shouldn’t be keeping edibles in your garage. Canned items can be ruined by the winter, and bagged foods are an invitation to mice and other vermin who will start seeking shelter when the temperature drops.

Consider Upgrading Your Garage

If you want a more versatile garage that can be used year-round, it’s worth considering an upgrade. Even without a heating system, a properly insulated garage can make a huge difference when you go to start your car in the morning.

Insulated the walls and ceiling is great, but if you’re serious about combatting the cold, you’ll want an insulated garage door as well.

For quality, affordable insulated overhead doors in Ohio, contact Springfield Overhead Door today. We’ll help you keep your garage stalls warm and secure this winter.