Garage doors are known to be long lasting, with lifespans reaching up to 30 years. People will often buy and sell a home without ever having to worry about getting new garage doors. If problems do arise with your garage door, it typically stems from the garage door opener.  

Still, garage doors do take a beating during day to day use, and they can breakdown sometimes. There’s also the chance of someone running into a garage door. When that happens, it’s time for a new door. 

But that’s not the only time to consider new garage doors. The truth is your current garage doors may outlive your need for them. 


Garage doors have a big impact on the curb appeal and general aesthetic of your home, especially if you have a front facing garage. The more prominent your garage is, the more important the appearance of your garage doors is. If you’re remodeling your home, a new set of stylish garage doors complete the look. 

Even if your old doors are technically still working, you don’t have to feel bad about upgrading them. You may be able to sell your old doors. Alternatively, if they’re metal, you might be able to get some money from a scrapyard.  

Utilizing Your Garage for Other Activities 

People use their garage for a lot of activities these days including gymsoffices, and more. If you’re doing more with your garage than just parking your cars inside, you may want to consider upgrading to insulated doors. Not only do insulated doors provide superior temperature control year-round, but they’re quieter and more durable. 

If You’re Looking at New Garage Doors… 

If you’re considering new garage doors, it’s worth looking into upgrading your garage door opener as well. Modern garage door openers can integrate with smart technology. There are also wall mounted garage door openers that provide a durable, quiet, and secure experience. 

You don’t have to upgrade both at the same time, but it makes for less hassle down the road.  

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