entry doors ohioThe entry door is an important part of your home. For most of your visitors, it will be their first up-close impression of the place where you live. You yourself will likely see and pass through it hundreds, if not thousands of times.

If you’re looking for entry doors in Ohio, there’s some questions you need to ask yourself.

Custom or Traditional?

Many people shopping for entry doors in Ohio end up going with a traditional-styled, pre-made door. They tend to be a little more affordable while still offering a variety of styles, shapes, materials, finishes.

For those with a very specific vision, a custom entry door can make that dream a reality.

What Material?

Most entry doors you’ll find are made of wood, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option (or the best option for you). In addition to wooden doors, you can find quality fiberglass and steel doors. Each material has its own advantages. Steel doors are stronger and more durable, but heavier. Fiberglass doors are lighter and more resilient to weather changes.

And wood doors offer a level of polish and customization that’s very hard to beat.

Should you choose wood, there’s different types to choose from such as mahogany or cherry.

Do You Want Glass and If So, How Much?

Glass can be a beautiful addition to your entry door. It also offers practical benefits such as letting natural light in or allowing you to see visitors as they come. Of course, you can also keep your door completely solid. Neither option is necessarily “better” than the other.

It’s all about having the door you love.

Want a Door You Love?

If you’re looking for the perfect entry door in Ohio, you need to go to a pro. At Springfield Overhead doors, we offer a large variety of high-quality doors for entry ways, patios, garages, and more. And of course, we install them once you’ve made your decision.

The end result is the door you love that’s professionally placed where it needs to go. Contact us today to discuss options, quotes, or just ask a few questions.