Garage door openers have been around longer than you might think.  In fact, the electric garage door opener was invented in 1926, nearly two decades before attached garages started to become commonplace.

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Today, a garage door opener is considered a standard feature of most any residential or commercial garage.  If you’ve never shop for a garage door opener before, there’s a good chance you don’t know where to start.  After all, isn’t a garage door opener in Ohio just the same as any other garage door opener?  How complicated can it be?

The truth is, you have a few options available when it comes to garage opening devices.

The Types of Garage Door Opener in Ohio

Chain Drive Systems:

The most common garage door system today is, of course, the one that has also been around the longest.  If you grew up with an automatic garage door opener, this was probably what you had.  Recognizable by the bike-like metal chain that runs through it, chain drive systems are the most affordable option, though they’re generally louder.

Belt Drive Systems:

The belt drive system is similar in conception to the chain system, but instead of using a metal chain, it uses a rubber belt.  These systems have quickly grown in popularity as they tend to be much quieter, and they are very powerful.

They do typically cost a little more upfront than a chain drive system.

Wall Mount Operators:

A wall-mounted operator can free garage ceiling from the usual rails and mechanics, instead placing them on, you guessed it, the wall. This opens up space for overhead storage and is particularly ideal for cathedral or obstructed ceilings.

Mount mount designs are ultra-quiet, reliable, durable, and powerful. They’re also equipped with MyQ® technology so you can securely monitor and control your garage door opener and lights from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Jackshaft Operators:

Another type of opener you might hear about is the jackshaft operator. You won’t have to worry about this type for your house garage, as its typically found on commercial grade rolling doors. They’re built with durability and power in mind.

Speaking of power…


The amount of power you need for your garage door depends mostly on what size and type of door you’re opening.  If you have a heavier type of door, such as a wooden garage door, then you’ll need more horsepower.  The horsepower can also affect the speed, so if you’re looking to have your door opener faster, then it’s in your best interest to go for more power.

Additional Options

While type and horsepower are typically the most important options on garage door openers, there are a number of smaller options to consider, from lighting to safety protocols to remote controlling and more.

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