Overhead doors are often used in warehouses, businesses, and other industrial and commercial areas. However, many homes have overhead doors, too, although most people think of them as garage doors. Here are a few of the basics about these types of doors, including the look.

Residential Sectional Steel Doors

Overhead doors used on homes are almost always used for the garage or for a shed. Residential garage doors need to open large enough for you to fit your car through. Sheds and smaller outbuildings may actually have smaller overhead doors that aren’t quite as large as those you’d find on a garage.

overhead garage door ohio

Steel overhead doors in Ohio are newer, but they’re stronger and can be even lighter than wooden doors. With this type of overhead door, Ohio residents don’t have to worry about wood being damaged. Steel doors can also stand up better to things running into them. Steel doors come in a range of different gauge steels. You can also change the look of the steel doors. There are options like flush panel with a woodgrain texture, v-groove, ribbed short or long panel, recessed short or long panel, raised ranch panel, sculptured raised panel and your most common panel that is used would be the raised standard panel. There are many different window options to add that extra natural light into your garage. If you heat your garage or it is attached to your home you could choose from different thickness of insulation, to help hold the heat. If you have a detached garage that you don’t heat there are a number of nice non-insulated doors as well.

Garage doors used to open with the use of a rope and pulley system. From the inside, you would pull on the rope and the door would roll upwards into the tracks mounted on the ceiling. From the outside, there wasn’t always a way of opening the garage door. If there was, it was in the form of a small handle set in the center of the door. The rope and pulley system made it fairly easy to open the door, even for those without a lot of upper body strength. Today, though, most garage doors have electric operators that are mounted from the ceiling of your garage or even on the topside of your garage doors. Wall buttons located inside and even outside open the garage door without any work. Many also have remotes that you can use to open the door without even getting out of your car.

Wood Overhead Doors

Overhead doors were originally made out of wood. The frame would be made from thick, stable wood, while the main part of the door would be made from thinner, lighter wood. This helped make the door easy to open. Of course, this type of door didn’t do much to insulate the garage, but it did protect your car and keep people out. The downside to these doors is that the wood could be damaged by the weather.

We do offer the steel sectional doors that have that same wood look and woodgrain feel. The colors range in many different wood shades.

Commercial Overhead Doors

The commercial overhead door also use about the same overhead door, but a heavier and more durable of a door compared to the residential doors. They come in many different types and styles. The rolling steel door that coils up inside of a barrel that sets directly above the door opening, is one example.