Do you need to purchase a dock leveler in Ohio to make it easier to move loads in and out of trucks? If you do, and you haven’t used a dock leveler before, you may not be certain what type of leveler you need or what factors to take into account.

A dock leveler can be the perfect solution for easily moving pallets in and out of a trailer without worrying about the height difference between the trailer and your loading dock. Here are the things you need to have in mind when you’re looking to buy a dock leveler in Ohio.

What Type of Dock Leveler do you Need?

There are a number of different types of dock levelers you can purchase. The most common dock leveler Ohio residents use is the edge of dock levelers. These types of levelers attach to the loading dock itself. They create a short ramp or level area that removes any sudden drop down and allows both vehicles and people to move up or down without worrying about tripping over the uneven surface. These dock levelers can usually handle up to 25,000 pounds.

Mechanical dock levelers, on the other hand, sit on the floor and make use of a mechanical lift that lifts one side. That side is lifted until the edge sits on the lip of the truck or the loading dock.  The lip can be retracted when the trailer is empty and is pulled away from the dock.

An electric hydraulic leveler is very similar to the mechanical dock leveler, but it’s powered by hydraulics. Everything is done automatically, making it easier to operate and safer. These dock levelers can also handle heavier loads of around 30,000 pounds.

Finally, elevating docks are perhaps the most expensive yet useful. The main advantage of this type of leveling dock is that it can easily be moved at any time. It’s also hydraulically operated, so it’s very easy to use as well. They’re used in areas where a loading dock is sometimes needed but not always. The guardrails most of these docks have also make them safer to operate.

How Much Weight will you be Moving?

This is a major factor in your decision. Edge of dock levelers can’t handle as much weight as the other types of dock levelers can, so if you’ll be moving loads that are heavier than 25,000 pounds, you will need to move up to one of the stronger models.

Will you Always need the Dock in the Same Place?

If the answer is no, then you may want to go with an elevating dock leveler simply because it can be moved more easily. These docks can actually also be used any place you need an elevated platform, such as for painting a mural on a wall, so it has multiple uses.

How Much Space do you Have?

Edge of dock levelers don’t take up as much space as the other types of levelers since they attach to the dock itself.  If you don’t have a lot of room, they may be a better option.