Garage door springs aren’t given enough credit. They might be the single most crucial part of a functioning garage door. If there are problems with your garage, they often come from the garage spring. They hold all of the tension and are responsible for doing all of the heavy lifting of your garage door. Ensuring you know at least a little bit about your garage door spring could save you time, money, and safety in the long run when it comes to your garage.

Garage Door Spring Repair Should Be Left to Professionals

This is probably the most important thing you need to know about garage door springs. As stated earlier, the garage door spring carries the majority of the tension in your garage. The average garage weighs anywhere from 130 to 350 pounds depending on the garage door. The amount of tension that is being held by the garage door is even more alarming. If there are issues with your garage door, the springs are usually the first place to look, but it’s not something you want to do on your own. Leave it to a professional if there are any problems with your garage door or springs.

A Worn Garage Door Spring Is Most Likely the Cause of Your Problems

If your garage ever stops opening correctly or jerks, it’s most likely a result of your garage door spring. Other common characteristics of garage door spring problems are crookedness of your garage door or the springs look stretched out. A majority of movement issues in your garage can be traced back to the garage door spring.

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