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Loading Dock Winter Safety Tips

Here we are again! Your friendly local overhead door company here for your yearly reminder of winter safety tips for your loading dock. It’s no secret that this time of year loading docks can present different hazards when compared to the warmer months. Cold temperatures and the presence of ice and snow can create new […]

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

If your garage door is broken, making loud noises, or working inconsistently, more often than not it may be due to the springs. Garage door springs are small but mighty and do the majority of the work of opening and closing your garage door.  Luckily, if a broken garage door spring is the culprit of […]

What NOT to Store in Your Garage

If You are like most people your garage is so much more than simply a place to store your cars. It also functions as a storage unit, a recycling facility, a jungle gym, a play zone, a workshop, and much more.  That’s the beauty of a garage, it can be multifunctional to fit the needs […]

Investing in New Garage Doors

Garage doors are likely a part of your house you take for granted each and every day. It isn’t until they are broken, damaged, or inoperable that you realize how important they are not only to the functionality of your home but the visual aesthetic or curb appeal, as well.  This means when garage doors […]