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Commercial Grade Vs. Residential Garage Doors

Whether you are purchasing a new overhead garage door for your residential home or commercial space, you will likely benefit from a little bit of research.  The difference between a commercial grade and residential garage door may seem straightforward but the reality is there are several applications that require a specific type of garage door. […]

Need a New Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are standard in most American homes. So much so, you may not even think about your garage door opener much until one day, you push the button and it doesn’t work.  Depending on the cause of your garage door, not opening (We can help you determine this) it could be time for […]

Common Rolling Steel Curtain Questions

Whether you are looking for overhead doors for a commercial property, residential shed, or outbuilding, a rolling steel curtain can be an excellent option. Rolling steel curtains in Ohio may differ from the typical residential garage doors you are used to working with. For this reason, questions regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of rolling […]

Preventing Garage Door Rust

One of the most popular materials used to make overhead garage doors in Ohio is Steel. Steel is strong, durable, and cost-efficient. There are many reasons people choose this material for their garage door, it is one of the best and longest-lasting materials you can use.  Steel garage doors, however, can be susceptible to rust […]

What’s an Overhead Door Photo Eye?

If you have an overhead door in your home or business chances are it is an automatic door. If it’s an automatic door then chances are even higher you have photo eyes installed at the base of the door.  What’s a photo-eye?  The photo eye is short for Photoelectric sensors. These devices are installed at […]