Dock levelers don’t make loading and unloading easier. They make it safer. Dock levelers significantly reduce the risk of tipping over loads, damaged products, and injuring people. 

With the right dock leveler, your loading zone is ready to handle any delivery that comes your way. The question is, what dock leveler is right for you? 

Before we can answer that, we need to understand your needs. 

What Should a Dock Leveler Do? 

You probably know this already, but a dock leveler should be able to create a smooth and steady transition from a trailer or truck bed to your warehouse floor. It should be wide enough that it can accommodate the size of your dock and strong enough to support the weight of your deliveries. 

It should also be quick to adjust and use when needed, and it should easily tuck away when you’re not using it. 

The Different Types of Dock Levelers 

To paraphrase an old saying, there’s more than one way to level a dock. When looking at dock levelers, there are three main types you’ll run into: hydraulic, air-powered, and mechanical. 

Hydraulic dock levelers are great at handling large, frequent deliveries. These full automatic levelers are low maintenance and low cost, and they can operated with the push of a button.  

Air-powered levelers use an inflatable bag to adjust their height. They’re fitted with safety legs to prevent stump-out, and like hydraulic dock levelers, they’re operated with a simple button press. If your warehouse features shrapnel and sharp objects, the inflatable bag could be at risk of being punctured, though this is rare. 

Unlike the other two levelers, mechanical dock levelers don’t use electricity. On one hand, that means lower cost and less maintenance. On the other hand, they can take more effort to work with, and they generally suffer the most from stump-out. 

Protecting Your Dock and Your Dock Leveler 

The last thing you want is a truck backing into your loading bay and damaging your leveler, door, and surrounding walls. When making changes and additions to your loading area, make sure bumpers are added and adjusted as needed. 

Buying Dock Levelers 

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