Curb appeal and security are two things everyone should want for their home’s exterior.

You want it to look nice, but you also want to make sure you’re protected. One overlooked way to accomplish both of these is exterior lighting for your entry way and garage.

The Importance of Entry Way and Garage Door Lighting

When people think of exterior lighting, they think of the convenience it provides. It allows you to see where you’re going. If you drop something in the dark, you can find it. It’s just nice to have light outside of your home when it’s dark.

But that’s not the only reason you need exterior lighting.

Exterior lighting greatly improves the security of your home. Would-be robbers are much more hesitant to approach a house that’s lit from the outside. There’s no hiding in the shadows. People inside the house can see them. People outside of the house can see them.

Your front door and your garage door are two of the most likely points of entry for a thief. Adding lighting to both of these will dramatically increase your home’s safety.

Lastly, as an added bonus, exterior lighting makes your house look great all-day long. The right lighting choices can add the perfect aesthetic that highlights your home’s best features, even when the sun goes down.

That is, assuming you have good looking entry and garage doors.

Selecting the Right Doors for Your Home

Before you get too carried away with lighting, make sure you have the right entry doors in place, both on your home and your garage. For quality entry, overhead, and exterior doors in Ohio, make sure to use Springfield Overhead Door.

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