Garage doors that are high quality and installed correctly should last you many many years and really require very little maintenance. There may come a time, however, in your homeownership journey that your garage door’s life may seem like it is coming to an end.

There are many little fixes and maintenance tasks you can do throughout the lifespan of a garage door to help it stay functioning and effective for years. But there are also some signs that can tell you that you are coming up on the end of your garage door’s life and it may be time to replace it.

Additional Maintenance Needs

Garage doors usually require very little maintenance. It is always a good idea to have it checked out once and awhile and address issues as they come up. Overall, a garage door should need very little to operate properly.

If you find yourself calling in for repairs and replacing parts on a more regular basis, it could be time for a replacement. You could be investing those repair dollars on a new garage door that will last for years to come instead of constant repairs.

Changes in Energy Bills

Your garage door is often the largest access point into your home. For this reason, it is important it functions well to keep things sealed and protected as needed. If you have noticed a change in your heating and cooling bill, this could be a sign to have your garage door checked out.

If your garage door is not doing its job in acting as that first line of protection from the outside elements in your home, it could be time to upgrade to a new garage door. Maybe you want to consider one with energy efficiency and insulation to further protect your home and possibly save you money on your energy bills.

Decreased Speed

While residential garage doors don’t usually open and close at top speeds, generally they can be opened and closed with efficiency. If you start to notice your garage door is operating slower and slower as time goes on, this could be a sign it is time to be replaced.

A slower operating garage door could be a sign of multiple different issues including electrical or mechanical inefficiencies. A professional should be able to nail down the cause of this decrease in speed and advise on the best way to move forward.

Significant Damage

If your garage door has endured a significant amount of damage whether that be from a vehicle, storm, or regular wear and tear, it could be time to replace it. Depending on the damage, you could be at the point where your garage door is not effective and can’t even open and close. This is a sure sign it is time for an upgrade.

Oftentimes garage door damage caused by storms, fires, or accidents can fall under insurance coverage to be replaced.

Is It Time To Upgrade?

While purchasing and replacing a new garage door may not be the funniest and most exciting task on your to do list. It can be fun to add new life and personality to the front of your home. Since garage doors do have such a long lifespan, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make sure your new garage door fits your taste and style and accents your home in the way you want it to.

For new garage doors in Ohio, contact our team at Springfield Overhead Door. We have years of experience helping homeowners, like you, select the best garage door for their needs and taste. In addition to that, our expert installation process is quick and easy and will assure you your new door will be functionally properly for years to come!