Rolling steel curtains offer a number of distinct advantages compared to traditional overhead doors. In addition to being durable and secure, their greatest strength is their small footprint. When rolling steel curtains are opened, they fold directly into themselves, taking up next to no space at all.

That means rolling steel curtains are best utilized in places where you want to keep your overhead area clear. Here are just a few great uses for rolling steel curtains.

The Best Places for Rolling Steel Curtains

Rolling steel curtains work great just about anywhere you’d place an overhead door. But they’re especially handy in commercial spaces where you want high clearance. That’s why rolling steel curtains are very common in warehouses.

Ceilings in warehouses are typically high, and with forklifts going around carrying valuable cargo in the air, the last thing you want is for them to catch the corner of an overhead door and topple over. With a rolling steel curtain in place, your loading area is free of overhead obstruction.

Rolling steel curtains are also great for bays, sheds, and garages where large vehicles are being parked. Whether you’re storing firetrucks or combines, rolling steel curtains give you room inside your building to get on top of your vehicles for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Of course, rolling steel curtains aren’t just great for large spaces. They also work great in smaller sheds where you really need to maximize your interior space. Often, you simply don’t have room for a sectioned overhead door.

Where to Buy Rolling Steel Curtains

If you’re looking to purchase rolling steel curtains for your overhead door needs, you’ll want to choose a place with a wide selection, as well as expertise on overhead door installation. At Springfield Overhead Door, we offer doors for all styles and situations.

Whether you need a rolling steel curtain, an entry door, a garage door, or all of the above, we have you covered. We also provide professional installation services, so we know what works best in a given situation.

Contact us today to ask a few-question or to purchase rolling steel curtains in Ohio. We’re confident we have exactly what you need, and more.