Your garage door is likely the largest surface on the front of your house. For this reason, it makes a large contribution to the overall curb appeal of your home. For many, a garage door may be an afterthought, but if you care about curb appeal it should be top of mind. 

How do you maximize curb appeal through your garage door? One way to do this is by adding a garage door with windows. Adding windows to your garage door in Ohio adds a stylized and custom look that will enhance the curb appeal of your whole home.

Like many home upgrade choices there can be both pros and cons to having a garage door with windows, Let’s take a look.


  1. Allow Natural Light in Your Garage

Depending on how you utilize your garage, overhead lights or lamps may not offer you enough light. Having windows in your garage door allows natural light in. It also can help warm your garage at certain times of the year, saving energy.

2. Increased Design

As we mentioned above, adding windows to your garage is adding an extra design element to the front of your home. This can help enhance the style of your home and the overall curb appeal.

3. Increase Property Value

With an increase in curb appeal also comes an increase in home value. Upgrading your garage door from the basic solid panel door to one with windows and nice hardware can go a long way in the eyes of a home buyer.

4. No extra maintenance

The good news is adding windows to your garage door won’t add any extra maintenance other than the occasional easy cleaning.


  1. Potential for damage or broken glass

Of course, when compared to the other materials of a garage door (oftentimes, steel) glass is a much more fragile material. It isn’t a common issue to have glass windows in a garage door break but in the case of severe weather or other extreme circumstances, there is potential for damage and broken glass when you add windows to your garage door. 

2. Security concerns

Your garage door acts as a security barrier between your home, items in your garage, and the outside world. Adding windows to your garage can weaken your security barriers. However, windows in your garage door are much too small to access your garage or home. 

3. Balance issues

The operation of your garage door relies on balance. When installing windows, there might be a high chance that your existing garage door gets unbalanced. It will be important to recheck the balance and overall operation of your garage door opening system when you change out your garage door with windows. 

4. Less Energy Efficient

Adding a garage door with windows may reduce the insulation of your garage door. This could allow more cool air in your garage in the winter and warm air in the summer, making it slightly less energy efficient. 

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