Building out a new garage? Maybe you’re just overhauling your current one. Either way, you’ll have some decisions to make regarding the garage doors. There’s the style to consider, as well as whether you want an insulated door or not.

But for those with space for two cars, there is another thing to consider: do you want two single doors or a larger, double-wide garage door?

You’ll need a little more space for the single garage doors, but ultimately, the size requirements are upon the same. If your garage has enough room for two single garage doors, then a double garage door would work as well.

So, which should you choose? Let’s take a closer look at both options.

Single Garage Doors

With two single garage doors, you’re offered more control over how open your garage is at any given time. Opening one smaller door can help with temperature control and precipitation exposure. Also, let’s say you use one stall for parking and the other for another purpose (storage, officing, working out, etc.).

Two single doors allows you to keep the one side covered up while you bring your car in and out. You can even place a dividing wall between the two stalls to create further separation.

On the other hand, two doors means two openers and two sets of springs. That can add a little more upfront cost, as well as leaving you with more parts that can break.

Double Garage Door

A double garage door can leave you with a little more flexibility. Since there’s no divider in the front of the garage, you have more space to pull into, reducing your chances of clipping the entrance.

Depending on the size of your garage and your vehicles, you might even be able to squeeze three cars side-by-side in special circumstances.

If anything, it leaves you more room to park a bicycle or motorcycle.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Needs

Though having two separate doors might come with a little more upfront cost, the pricing is comparable between the two. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Whichever one appeals to you more is the one you should choose.

Whatever option you go with, just make sure you purchase quality doors and openers.

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