For those of us who live in northern states, summer has many names: lake season, cabin season, biking season, and of course, patio season. Patios are the perfect way to go out to a favorite restaurant or brewery while still enjoying the great outdoor weather.

For restaurants, a nice patio can be a draw for your business from spring to fall. According to one study, adding a patio can increase profits as much as 65%. The question is, how do you go about adding a patio?

Well, before you get too far along, you’ll need to check if you even can.

Talk to the City

For those leasing their building, you’ll need to first clear the idea with your landlord. It might not be as big of an ask as you think. A great patio or rooftop, though costly upfront, can raise property value significantly. You may work out a deal where both parties split the cost.

Once you have the okay, you’ll need to check with the city on zoning and permits. Having some degree of planning and layout will be needed before you get full-approval and permission, but it doesn’t hurt to check in before you even get started.

They’ll let you know what you need to plan for.

For those serving alcohol, you may need a special license for your patio. Also, some cities may even restrict certain foods that can be consumed outdoors. Noise ordinances will need to be considered as well.

From there, it’s time to start building. The ultimate design and furnishings are up to you, but we do have a few tips.

Give Some Shade

A lot of people like to sit outside, but many of them probably aren’t keen to sit directly in the sun for 1+ hours. Having some umbrellas or an awning adds some nice flexibility and comfort to your patio space. It may even allow people to enjoy the patio despite mild rain.

Open Things Up

Chances are, your patio will be smaller than your indoor space, which means it can fill up quickly on a nice day. To allow more people to enjoy the outdoors, consider opening up the entrance to your patio. By that, we mean installing some convenient overhead doors that can be pulled open, removing the barrier between the inside and outside.

Worried that these doors will be a source of drafts in the winter time? You don’t have to be. Just make sure you get some insulated steel doors, and you’ll find they act like any other wall in your establishment.

If you’re going to add a patio to your restaurant, bar, or brewery, do it right. For a wide range of overhead doors in Dayton, Springfield, and beyond that are guaranteed to match your style and needs, contact Springfield Overhead Door today!