Chances are, if you’re buying a house today, it’s going to have an automatic garage door opener in it. But whether it does or not, sooner or later, that garage door opener will have to be replaced. When that day comes, you’ll have a decision to make:

What type of garage door opener do you want to buy?

In case you didn’t know, there are different types of garage door openers available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the two most common opener types you’ll see: belt drive openers and chain drive openers.

The Advantages of Belt Drive Openers

Their biggest advantage of belt drive openers is how quiet they are. Rather than metal chains that run around metal tracks, belt drive openers have belts made of either polyurethane, fiber glass, or rubber with steel infused in them. This reduces vibrations and eliminates the metal on metal sound that comes from chain drive openers.

If you’ve never witnesses a belt drive opener before, you’ll be surprised by just how quiet they can be.

The Disadvantages of Belt Drive Openers

The primary disadvantage of belt drive openers is the upfront cost. They fall on the premium side of things. However, they’re less prone to breaking down, and they tend to last longer overall, which means the cost difference tends to even out over time.

The Advantages of Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers are considered the classic automatic garage door opener. The span of time they’ve been around on the market is a testament to their simple effectiveness. These openers use a chain to push a trolley that’s connected to the J-arm of the garage door, opening and closing it as needed.

These openers are affordable, with plenty of options available on the market.

It’s also worth noting that chain drive openers tend to be stronger. If you have two-car doors or wooden doors, a chain drive opener might be the way to go.

The Disadvantages of Chain Drive Openers

Because they involve metal on metal, they are loud. You’ve almost certainly heard many chain drive openers in your life. If you want something quieter, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Also, because of the constant metal to metal action, they’re more prone to breakage, and they typically have a shorter shelf life.

Deciding Which Opener is Right for You

Ultimately, it comes down to your priorities, your budget, and your personal situation. It’s never a bad idea to speak to overhead door professionals before making a purchase. That way, you can fully understand the options available to you so you can make a more informed decision.

We just happen to be overhead door professionals.

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