The cold weather has rolled in and the time has come to crank up the heat in both residential and commercial spaces. Commercial spaces and warehouses of all sizes can be hard to heat. It is an investment to keep the heat running all winter long. For this reason, the last thing you want is for heat to be escaping from your warehouse and driving up your gas bill.

If your warehouse is struggling to maintain heat that’s a problem you want to address immediately. Not only will that cause your employees to be cold and uncomfortable but it will continue to drive up you utility costs, could damage equipment or product, and create other dangers for your employee.

Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to keep the hot air inside your warehouse this winter.

Keep the Doors Closed

It’s pretty obvious, but when it comes to temperature control, one of the most important things to do is simply keep the doors shut tight. This is something you need to strictly iterate to all of your staff. Place signs on doors to remind people. Also, keep doorways clear of snow and ice that can often prevent them from shutting tightly.

It’s good to check your weather stripping and sealing as well.

Plastic Strip Curtains

These plastic strips can be a little annoying to walk through at times, but they make a big difference in controlling temperature. They may not make sense to have on all of your loading areas or doorways, but there are likely some spots where you can place them.

Promote Circulation

Heating a large open space like a warehouse can be difficult. Air doesn’t circulate well, leaving you with hot and cold spots. A great way to combat this is with fan circulation. Large overhead fans are a cost-effective way to control your temperature in both the winter and summer.

Placing these around the ceiling will ensure that the air temperature is consistent throughout the entire warehouse.

Upgrade Your Doors

The types of doors you have in place can make a big difference in keeping cold air out. Insulated doors can lock in temperatures. High-speed overhead doors and rolling steel curtains in Ohio can also help prevent heat loss for loading areas with frequent traffic.
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