Energy efficiency is on the minds of most people these days. Not only can it save you 20-30% in utility costs per month, but it’s much better for the environment as well. Due to their large size, open spaces, and multiple doors that rarely stay closed, warehouses aren’t always known as the most energy efficient spaces. 

But with a little fine tuning, you can still see some major improvements in the efficiency of your warehouse. Here are a few areas where you can get started. 

Natural Lighting 

It can take a lot of energy to light a warehouse. Light also creates extra heat, which isn’t great in the summer. Why not use the world’s most prominent light source instead? We mean the sun, of course. 

By adding some skylights and windows, you can light up your warehouse during the day without having to turn on an excessive amount of lights. 

Smart Lighting 

When you do have to use electric lights, why not use ones that are adaptive to the situation? Smart lighting solutions provide you with additional functionality so that you’re not using lights when you don’t need them. 

You can install motion sensors to activate lights when someone is the in the area. Lights can be placed on timers, so they automatically turn off when no one is working. Combined with natural lighting, they can activate based on how dark it is outside as well. 

This will save on electricity and light bulb cost. 

Plastic Curtains 

Plastic strip curtains work wonders when it comes to keeping hot air out and cool air in (or visa-versa). Placing them on external loading doors that constantly stay open can make a large difference. And course, if you don’t already have them placed at freezer entrances, you definitely should. 

High-Volume, Low Speed Fans 

Heating and cooling a warehouse takes both time and energy. Even with your HVAC system running at max capacity, you may struggle to maintain the temperature of the entire warehouse. That’s where HVLS (high-volume, low speed) fans come into play.  

These massive fans can do wonders when it comes to circulating air in your warehouse, and they perform at a low operational cost. 

High Speed, Insulated Doors 

During extreme outdoor temperatures, it’s especially important to keep your doors closed as much as possible. Even a few seconds can make a difference. For overhead doors that are used regularly throughout the day, consider high-speed insulated doors.  

These doors close very quickly, so you don’t lose anymore temperature-controlled air than you need to. When their closed, their insulation acts as a further measure of efficiency and temperature control. 

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