Garage door openers are all about convenience and ease of use. If your garage door opener fails to work at the press of a button, it defeats the purpose. While a quality garage door opener that has been properly maintained can last up to 15 years, things can go wrong.

Are you having problems with your garage door not opening or closing? We’ve gathered together the most common causes based on the situation you might be experiencing.

If Absolutely Nothing Happens

Is there a lack of sound or movement despite your repeated button presses? Chances are, there’s a lack of power somewhere. If you’re using a garage door remote, try using the keypad or the button inside of the garage. If those are working, you probably just need new batteries in your remote.

If your keypad and internal panels aren’t working, the garage door opener itself might not be getting electricity. Check the opener to see if the power light is on. If it’s not, ensure the opener is plugged in. If it’s plugged in, and your home currently has power, the garage door opener might be broken.

If the Garage Door Initially Moves and Stops/Reverses

Do you hear the garage door opener go into action and see the door start to open only to have it suddenly stop and return to its original position? Most likely it’s blocked or caught on something.

In cases where the garage door is open, something is probably obstructing the photo eyes (the sensors on the sides of the doorframe). Check to ensure nothing is obstructing the opening. You may otherwise have to adjust or clean the photo eye sensors.

Click here to learn more about the photo eyes on your garage.

If the door is closed and is struggling to open, it might be caught on something. Check to ensure that nothing is leaning against it

If You Hear the Opener Engage but Nothing Happens

Not seeing a reaction from the door at all despite hearing the opener at work? Your garage door opener’s chain or belt could be broken. Otherwise, the opener itself could be on the fritz. If it seems that the opener is pulling on the door, but the door just won’t budge, your garage door springs could be busted.

Whatever the case might be, it’s best to contact a garage door professional at this point. Garage door openers, chains, and springs can all be dangerous when handled improperly. A specialist may be able to repair it, or they’ll recommend you purchase a new one.

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