When you think of a screen door, you might think of a thin, rickety piece of aluminum with a half-torn mesh screen that snaps shut as soon as you let go of it. These types of screen doors were once commonplace in homes around the US, but in recent decades, it seems like they’re started to phase out.

Are they simply not in style anymore? Or is the function they once provided no longer needed?

Evolution of Design

“Screen door” is often used interchangeably with “storm door”. Technically speaking, a screen door is a type of storm door designed to keep out certain elements and protect your primary door. These days, many homebuilders opt for storm doors that mostly consist of glass with metal framing.

Especially for front-facing doors.

Glass storm doors provide protection from precipitation while allowing the entry door to be properly seen. However, traditional screen doors are still widely available on the market in a variety of styles. Some feature screens that cover nearly the entire door, but most feature a screened window that can be opened and closed as desired.

To determine whether or not a screen door is a good choice for your home, let’s look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of Screen Doors

A screen door’s primary distinction from other storm doors is its ability to let fresh air into your home while keeping pests out. For those who live in places with moderate temperatures, as well as those who simply love the scent and feeling of natural air, screen doors provide you with a great way to increase air flow in your home.

They can also provide a little added security when you’re answering a stranger at the door. However, most people relegate screen doors to side or rear entry ways.

Disadvantages of Screen Doors

Screen doors come with an added cost, though they’re cheaper than a proper entry door. However, many find their appearance to be their biggest shortcoming. There are many different styles of screen doors. Even still, they generally don’t look as nice as a beautiful entry or glass storm door.

Screen doors with large sections of glass on them may also intensify sunlight on your entry door, causes increased wear.

Finally, screen doors (and any storm door, for that matter) can be a bit of a hassle to carry things through. Whether you’re moving furniture or simply bringing in arms full of groceries, having to pass through two sets of doorways to get into your home can be an inconvenience.

It Never Hurts to Browse

Sometimes, you don’t know what you want until you see your options. At Springfield Overhead Door, we had a wide selection of entry doors, including screen doors. We can help you understand your options and ultimately find a door that’s perfect for you.

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