One of the most popular materials used to make overhead garage doors in Ohio is Steel. Steel is strong, durable, and cost-efficient. There are many reasons people choose this material for their garage door, it is one of the best and longest-lasting materials you can use. 

Steel garage doors, however, can be susceptible to rust since they are a metallic material. If you have seen rust form on your garage door, please don’t panic. This is common and can be controlled or prevented. 

First, you may be wondering what exactly causes rust on your garage door.

Environmental Factors

Ultimately rust forms where water and salt are present. In most parts of the country, both water and salt can be found in the environments around us. If you live in a tropical location your garage door could form rust from ocean salt being blown through the air. If you live in colder climates, like Ohio, ice and road salt can be a cause of rust. Generally, humid or damp climates have a higher risk of garage door rust as the moisture in the air accumulates on your garage door.  

Door Quality

At Springfield Overhead Door we know garage door quality can help in combating rust. Rust is a form of corrosion and the lighter and thinner the material the quicker your door will corrode. 

Dirty Joints

If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your garage door, here is your reminder to do so. When dirt and debris build up in the joints, tracks, or springs of your garage door they are more likely to start rusting.

Quality Garage Doors in Ohio

The truth of the matter is when you choose the durability and security of a steel overhead garage door in Ohio you do run the risk of eventually dealing with some garage door rust. Luckily with some light cleaning and easy maintenance a high-quality door like we provide at Springfield Overhead door should look new for years. Even a little rust won’t compromise the effectiveness of your garage door.