It may seem like skipping regular loading dock maintenance could be a good way to save some money. We know, in these times it is tempting to take any shortcut possible to save a few dollars. However, loading dock equipment failure can ultimately cost you a lot more money and the safety of your workers. 

Loading dock equipment including dock levelers in Ohio is designed to improve safety and efficiency during the material handling process, so it is crucial to invest in these important assets not only to keep workers safe and enhance business operations but also to reduce costly repairs against using the equipment to the point of failure and replacement. It is also important to keep in compliance with laws and regulations.

Reactive vs Preventive Maintenance in Loading Docks

You likely have one of two strategies when it comes to your loading dock and dock leveler maintenance. Reactive or preventive maintenance.

– Reactive maintenance occurs only after something breaks, needs repairs or a worker gets injured, which can result in unexpected dock downtime, and even costly emergency repairs and fees or medical expenses.

– Preventive maintenance is run on a timely schedule. This will help you identify possible issues before a big failure occurs. The objective of preventive maintenance is to keep equipment in good working condition to minimize large-scale repairs, as well as prevent injuries and reduce unplanned delays.

The benefits of planned maintenance are higher than working on a reactive approach. A good maintenance system should include written instructions for regular inspections of equipment with documentation of the date, time, and type of equipment inspected, as well as who carried out the inspection. 

Even though it might be tempting to skip routine inspections or avoid minor repairs to save a small amount of money initially, an unsafe workplace can cost more in the long run in terms of loss of productivity, fines, total equipment replacements, and even employee injuries. On the other hand, planning preventive maintenance has a lot more benefits 

Quality Dock Leveler in Ohio

Quality loading dock equipment including dock levelers in Ohio combined with a routine maintenance plan will ensure you the safest loading dock with little downtime and ultimately save you money. 

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